If you're curious...

Here's a lil more about me

Growing up, I was always into the arts. I grew up painting, writing stories, and making horrible clay creations. I quickly realized I am more into creating art through computers rather than making art in real life (if that makes sense). When I was 15 years old, I  started filming short films with my littler brother and editing them on my computer.

After graduating high school, I went to Vancouver Film School and got my diploma in cinematography and post-production.

After graduating, I wanted a creative outlet but I wanted to do something that wasn't as big of a project as writing and directing films. So, I started taking photos of my friends. This quickly turned into working with modelling agencies and makeup artists on creative shoots.

While still pursuing my photography career, I was also taking on freelance illustration and motion graphics gigs here and there.

Since then, I started working as a creative (videographer, editor, and social media content producer) at a Tech company in Vancouver while still doing freelance gigs and photoshoots on weekends!